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It’s bathing suit season!

For the longest time, I thought thrifted bathing suits were a little gross —  it was like purchasing used under garments. I would never venture to section of the thrift store that housed the chlorine-scented swimwear. However, in the past few years, thrifting bathing suits has really grown on me and I realized that I’ve been seriously missing out.

Just like all other types of items, you can find swimwear of all decades and styles while thrifting. I personally am always on the lookout for vintage garments. Bathing suits of the past decades come in super vibrant and bold patterns, and/or are made of really high quality material.

Lately, I’ve been on a one-piece swimwear kick. They make me feel sassy and sophisticated without baring too much skin. Sometimes, I just want to cover up a little bit while at the beach and be a little modest. Especially after I’ve eaten a bucket of fries or a big breakfast. 🙂

This past weekend, I went to Rehoboth Beach for a mini vacation. This was the perfect opportunity to sport some of my newly acquired vintage bathing suits.

Bathing Suit

Hazy day at the beach but my bathing suit still shines bright!

This 80’s bathing suit was $5 from Unique Thrift in Wheaton. What I love about this piece is the bandage type style at the stomach/hip area. It helps create a nice hourglass shape for the body without being uncomfortable. I also love the bright orange/pink color on the top half — it can pair really well with a pair of black shorts. These sunglasses are from the Goodwill in Rockville and were $3. I usually only wear these to the beach because they pair so well with funky bathing suits,

Showing some leg

                                           Showing some leg


Guess how much this 70’s bathing suit set was? $4! What I love about this set is that it is basically two outfits in one. I wore this set while walking on the boardwalk. Then, when I wanted to go for a swim, I just walked right onto the beach without having to change. I also love the pattern and color scheme of this piece — it’s not something I would usually sport. But with bathing suits, I feel like there is a whole other set of style rules, and it’s much more flexible. I have friends who love to wear a lot of basics and like to keep it casual, but love to spice it up with bathing suits.

The truth is, I have a million bathing suits of all shapes and styles. But frankly, I believe that one can never have enough! I’ll still be looking for more pieces all through this summer.



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One thought on “It’s bathing suit season!

  1. Omg! I LOVE that second bathing suit! I never buy undergarments or bathing suits at thrift stores, and I’m not sure I will any time soon, but you did find some gems there!

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