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Summer/Spring Haul: A Rainbow of Skirts and Shorts

This season, I CANNOT get enough of skirts and shorts.

Unfortunately, as a petite little lady, it’s hard to find bottoms that are not only funky, but are also flattering on my physique. Most adult-sized clothing are usually too big on the waist or are too long, so I definitely have to dig to find something that’s just right.

Every year during every season, I usually have a thing. Last year it was rompers, and dresses. This year it is skirts and shorts — skirts for work, shorts for the weekend. I’m not sure why I’m having this phase, but I guess it was meant to be because I’ve been really hitting the jackpot on my thrift/consignment escapades.

Below are some of my greatest finds thus far.

Before I jump into showing some of my favorite finds, I wanted to give glimpse of all of the patterns and textures mixed together. Doesn’t this look like a painting?


A collection of prints and textures!

This skirt below is such an interesting piece. The shape of it is quite unusual — it’s quite sculptural on which I like a lot. The fabric on this piece is absolutely exquisite and looks more expensive than it actually was. I scored this beauty for $10 from Mustard Seed in Bethesda. It originally went for $50+.


Isabel Marant for H&M Skirt with vintage earrings!

This skirt below didn’t have a tag on it, so I’m not sure who the brand is….but it’s still a great find! This item is bright bright orange. Unfortunately the camera couldn’t capture its brightness but it’s almost the color of a rich orange highlighter. This skirt is from Uptown Cheapskate and was only $6.99. It fits me perfectly!

Beautifully bright!

Beautifully bright!

This skirt was also from Uptown Cheapskate in Rockville and was only $7.99! The brand is TIBI. That means it originally retailed for probably $90+. What’s great about this skirt is the sequin detailing; it can be worn dressed up or paired down for work!


Silk and sequins

Unique Thrift in White Oak is definitely one of my favorite places to find vintage skirts. Below are two vintage skirts that I scored for $3.99 and $4.99. They are in perfect condition and can be paired a leotard or crop top.

Vintage 70's and 80's skirts

Vintage 70’s and 80’s skirts

Time for some shorts! I have some more shorts that I’m going to share in some future posts from Goodwill, but below are two of my past favorites! I got these in February and March and have been on my mind ever since! The top apple-printed pair is from J. Crew. Purchased for $2.99, originally $50+! The other pair is from Unique and were $6.99. The brand is Lilly Pulitzer and they were originally $50+!

Printed shorts

Printed shorts

To finish off, I wanted to post another picture of some of my finds all co-mingling. I love with prints clash but somehow work so well together. They remind of my collages.

A print party!

A print party!



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