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Goodwill Industries Week: #Sharethegood

As you all know, I am a Goodwill fanatic. I visit their stores more than twice a week and a large portion of my wardrobe was purchased from the organization.

From May 3rd-May 9th, I’m here to celebrate Goodwill’s 80th anniversary serving the DC area community. I’m also supporting Goodwill Industries week, a week that is about further showcasing all of the good that Goodwill does for the community: providing free job training and employment services to people with disadvantages and disabilities.

Below are some of my most recent and beloved finds from Goodwill. I’ve found A LOT more in the past month, but I’d thought I’d share these as a start.

Below is an amazing vintage cape that I recently picked up at the Goodwill in Annandale VA. It is in pristine condition and fits me perfectly! One thing I love about this piece is that it is embellished with silver sequins. I found these vintage 1960’s heels at Goodwill last year and love them so! They are made from leather and embellished with pony hair.

Vintage cape and brown pony hair and leather  vintage heels

Vintage cape and brown pony hair and leather vintage heels



Here is a vintage scarf and pair of vintage sunglasses that I picked up at Goodwill in April. The scarf is from the Annandale Goodwill and the glasses are from the one in Rockville. So retro!

Vintage glasses and scarves

Vintage glasses and scarves

Please join me this week in celebrating Goodwill’s accomplishments, and important mission. #Sharethegood with me!

Interested in learning more about Goodwill and Goodwill Industries Week? Below is some more information.

Goodwill of Greater Washington’s primary mission is to provide free job training and employment services to people with disadvantages and disabilities. Their goal is to give the populations they serve the tools they need to become self-sufficient.

In 2014, Goodwill directly affected the lives of more than 3,000 of our neighbors. These are people who have discovered the dignity that comes with being a contributing member of our society. Goodwill also diverted over 25 million pounds of material from local landfills through their donation program.

In addition to training and placing people into jobs, providing consumers with access to quality, low cost goods, and acting as one our region’s largest recyclers, Goodwill is also a job developer. With each new store and donation center that Goodwill opens, 25-30 new jobs are created.

Goodwill of Greater Washington’s mission is summed up by its tagline – “Transforming lives and communities through the power of education and employment”. Now you know how they do it.

If you could walk in someone else’s shoes for just one day would you help them? http://youtu.be/G9YMOOARP8Q

If you’d like to learn more about Goodwill of Greater Washington, find their nearest store or donation center, or get involved, please visit www.dcgoodwill.org or download their free mobile app from the iTunes app store.



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