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Spring Earrings of the Decades

For the past couple of months, I’ve had an itch to amp up my collection of vintage and contemporary earrings. I really wanted some that were true statement pieces, as well as ones that I could wear with my everyday outfits.

I’ve been venturing all around DC to find some gems, and have definitely been successful. I must have gotten 10+ pairs so far….

Here are some photos of my latest treasures. Each piece was $10 an under and the brands and styles go across the board.

The pair below was from Buffalo Exchange in Logan Circle. I got these for free (I had a gift card). They are by J.Crew and were originally $60+. Instead, these had a price tag of $17, which is definitely still a steal. I’ve worn these many times so far — usually with all black outfits.


Here is a picture of most of my favorite gems of the past months. I’ve been wearing the pink and gold ones a lot recently; they make me feel like an 80’s girl ;). I got those at Unique Thrift for $2.

I’ve also been sporting the square dangly gold/silver/glittery ones a lot. I found those at a place called Charm in Bethesda for $10.

The rest of the pairs were thrift finds or freebies. BTW, thanks South Moon Under for the little eye ones on the top top left. They go with every outfit.


Also, look at those watermelon earrings. Can you believe they were a buck?



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