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DC/MD Thrift Store Review #3: Thrift Shop of Montgomery General Hospital

The Thrift Shop of Montgomery General Hospital is located right near the heart of Olney, MD, alongside Montgomery General Hospital. Some of you might ask, “Where is Olney, MD?” I know I asked the same question to myself when I first ventured to the area. Olney is located right near Gaithersburg and Rockville off of Georgia Ave. The only reason why I started going to this area is because my boyfriend used to live there. You cannot travel to Olney via metro, but you can take the Y bus to this spot, after you get off at the Glenmont metro stop.

Olney is a pretty suburban town with lots of chain stores as well as some unique restaurants and boutiques. You’ll find Panera, California Tortilla, Cheeburger Cheeburger, among other establishments. The most important thing to note is that Olney is more or less pretty affluent — which means that their thrift store is spectacular!


The thrift store is a little house!

This thrift store is basically a house filled with treasures. The first floor houses kid’s and men’s clothes, books, housewares, linens, jewelry, art supplies, and other misc. knick knacks. The second floor is my absolute favorite floor. Why? Because all of the women’s clothing and shoes take up the whole floor! You can also find some toiletries and unopened make up, which is definitely a plus. One time I found a brand new bottle of OPI nail polish for $1, and brand new Origins skincare items at 50 cents a pop.

I think my favorite things to purchase at this shop are shoes and handbags. Shoes are priced low at $2-$10 per pair, and come in all different types of styles and brands. Last time I went to this store, I found some $4 brand new J Crew flats, $4 Kate Spade jellies, and many pairs of vintage boots. In terms of the handbags section, they carry TONS of vintage Coach bags at $10-$30 a bag. I’ve also found Tracy Reese, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Fossil, Lucky Brand and Kate Spade. I can’t say that they are always on point with handbags, but 7 times out of 10, I’ve found a handbag of my liking. Below is a picture of a brand new Lilly Pulitzer cosmetics pouch that I purchased for $2. No Chanel though! ;/


This shop is also great for purchasing vintage goods. Whether it is a dress, blouse, pair of shoes or knick knack, this store carries items of all decades. I’ve purchased SO much vintage jewelry and shoes at this store — it’s insane. I’ve also found some vintage housewares at low prices. This past month, I purchased a 1970’s jewelry case for $2.50, a mirror tray for $5, and a mirror for $3. At other stores, I’ve seen these items priced for much much higher, so I’m happy to have found a place that still offers quality items at affordable prices. Below is a picture of the jewelry organizer and mirror that I purchased.


Here are some kitchen items that I got for $1


I will say this — their clothing area is hit or miss. If you go on a morning or general “good ” day, you’ll find tons of items. But if you go towards 4 PM when they close, you might not be so lucky. However, I have definitely found some gems at this store. Some include: $4 Ann Taylor sweater, $4 St. John Sweater, tons of vintage clothes, a $4 Joie silk top, $8 Armani dress, $12 Helmut Lang jacket, and tons of  J Crew items. Below is a picture of a $8 vintage jacket that I recently scored.


Here is a pair of boots I scored for $2!


So there you have it. I would give this store a 7/10. It lost stars because of its location, and unpredictable clothing area. The service is superb though! I’ve never had a bad experience. If you want to visit this store, it’s hours are usually 10 AM to 4 PM, and is closed on Sundays. The address is:

2911 Olney Sandy Spring Rd, Olney, MD 20832

This store does not have any certain days when they have sales, but they do have sales often. When seasons are in transition, I have noticed that they offer 50% off on almost all items.

Now, go thrift!


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