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DC/MD Thrift Store Review #2: Unique of Wheaton, MD

This second thrift store review is about the Unique Thrift on Veirs Mill Rd. in Wheaton, MD. It is located very close to DC, but is not that easily accessible by metro. Many buses go by this location, but I typically travel by car.

This Unique is one of many in the DMV, and is easily my favorite. It is literally the size of a department store (that’s because the store used to be one a long time ago), and has every section you can imagine. It has all the necessities: furniture, housewares, clothing for the whole family, exercise equipment, shoes, comforters, curtains, and many more.

On every visit, I typically frequent the women’s and children’s clothes; the jewelry; and the housewares area. Each area is mixed with a variety of contemporary and vintage items of all brands and styles; I’ve found Forever 21 to Yves Saint Laurent. My favorite sections of the store are the dresses and coats. There are endless racks of these items that are separated by size, which is easily to look through. If you are a petite one like myself, the shoe area is amazing. Most people don’t wear size 5, so even on a busy day, stellar shoes will be there. Specifically, I’ve had tremendous luck finding vintage boots.

If you ever visit this location, I suggest visiting during weekdays, or weekend mornings. That’s because it gets PACKED during peak times on the weekend, which leaves few treasures to be found. When I have scored vintage and/or designer items, it has been at 9 AM on Saturdays, Sundays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. The store oftentimes cleans and restocks the store in the morning — that’s another reason why you should stop by early.

In terms of pricing, sometimes I don’t understand their system. I’ve found amazing brands for cheap, and mediocre ones for much higher prices. I’m not sure who is pricing the goods, but it’s relatively working in my favor! Vintage items can be high priced though — but mainly jewelry. On Mondays and Thursdays, customers can earn 25% off an entire purchase. Additionally, on holidays and other designated days, customers can get 50% off on everything. 50% off days can be a nightmare, but if you visit in the morning, I’m telling you — it’s great!

Below are some thrift finds that I have featured on the blog that I have scored at this location:


$5 vintage dress I wore to 2014 Goodwill Fashion Show


Full length photo


$5 Emilio Pucci vintage dress


Asos heels


$7 Charles Jourdan boots


Delman, Bally, and vintage shoes. Originally would cost more than $400!


Vintage retro Bakelite earrings


Sweater and collared shirt both came from the kid’s section!


Vintage glam jacket

image (4)

$5 vintage 50’s dress

This location is located at:

Stoneymill Square

12211 Veirs Mill Road

Silver Spring, MD 20906


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