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A Petite Girl’s Thrift Haul #10: A Busy June

As the title of this post states, I’ve have a VERY busy June. With school ending and internships/jobs commencing, I’ve had barely anytime to thrift. However, during the random occasions when I did visit the thrift store, I really hit the jackpot. This month’s haul includes clothing from Goodwill, and Unique Thrift. Finds not shown below include a snazzy pair of 80’s black palazzo pants, a T. Babaton silk blouse, and some Ella Moss shirts. Like I always offer, if you want to thrift with me (I would love company) send me a message or leave a comment! Also, as a heads up for the future, I am going to start doing spotlights on my local thrift stores (DC Area). So if you are visiting the area, or already live here and are itching to find more places to thrift, this will be a valuable resource for you!


image (6)

     Vintage 80’s Jumpsuit: $2

 image (11)

  image (10)

Wilfred Tribal Dress: $6 (Retails for $150)

image (9)

Pink and white Vintage 70’s mini dress: $3

image (4)

Late 50’s, early 60’s dress: $5 ( I LOVE THIS ONE!)

image (7)

  image (3)

Vintage lavender Lacoste shorts: $2

image (20)

Vintage 1970’s silver and black disco maxi dress: $5

image (18)

Vintage 1970’s Green polka dot dress: $3

image (16)

1980’s Bat-wing black and gold jacket: $2.50

image (17)

Vintage white brocade jacket: $2

image (15)

Theory linen dress with front zipper: $6 (Originally retails for $245)

image (12)   image (13)    

Vintage early 1970’s Emilio Pucci Dress (SO AMAZING): $3.50 (Goes on Ebay for at least $300)

image (5)

Vintage 1980’s scarf and belt: $3 total



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