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Black, Blue, White, Pink, and Gold


I have been pretty busy with school lately, but now that finals are over, I can focus more on blogging!  I have sooo many thrift finds and outfits that I want to share, so stay tuned for some goodies. Brands will include Marni, Alexander Wang, and more!

Today, I am sharing with you one of my favorite thrifted Spring outfits that I wore this past week! The total outfit cost was about $40 and items were purchased from Crossroads Trading, Gap Kids, Loehmann’s (RIP), and many thrift stores.



image (50)

Aiko Blue Sparkle Cardigan: Free!

Black and White Mod Pants: $3

Black Strapless American Apparel Dress: $10

Gold Necklace: Free

Vintage Gold Lion Earrings: $4

Pink Gap Kids Jellies: $12

Lip Color: Revlon Fuchsia Shock

image (55)


image (58)

image (56)



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