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The Best Skinny Jeans for Petite Girls

After searching and searching, I think I have found the perfect brand that makes the perfect pair of skinny-legged pants for petite girls. Okay maybe not all petite girls, but certainly ones with my body type ( 4’9, substantial behind, short legs).

For years I have had trouble finding the perfect pants. I have had some luck with skinny-legged pants from Gap Kids, Zara Kids, and Old Navy Kids, but they never fit just right. Because these brands of pants were tailored for kids, my behind could never fit into them, and they would slowly fall off when I sat down.  I have tried purchasing pants from adult sections at H&M, Ann Taylor, and Pac Sun, but alas, being the petite girl that I am, even a pair with “short” legs were too long for me.

After exploring the kid’s section at Nordstrom Rack, I tried on a pair of jeans that fit perfectly. Joe’s Jeans. Since that date, I have been hooked. Tripants

Joe’s Jeans for Kids come in various different styles ranging from boyfriend jeans, to skinny-legged jeggings. They are made from all different materials and come in an incredible variety of patterns and colors. I wear a kid’s size 10 but they size all of the way up to a 16 ( I think that could be a size 2 or 4?). What’s particularly great about this brand of  pants is that the legs are cut narrow and  fit tight which make your legs look skinnier and longer. They are also cut short, leaving no excess denim to cuff that seemingly shortens the length of one’s legs.

image (47)


Joe’s Jeans for Kids retail from $40-$80 and are sold at Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, and Lord & Taylor. However, you can buy these for a fraction of the price at retailers like Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, and Burlington Coat Factory. I personally have never paid more than $30.00 for a pair.



Here are some links where you can find Joe’s Jeans for Kids: Nordstrom Bloomingdale’s


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