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A Petite Girl’s Thrift Haul #5: Shoes.

             It’s really really REALLY hard having tiny feet and being able to find small shoes at thrift stores especially. I usually only see sizes 7-10, with no 4.5’s or 5’s ever in sight!  It frustrates me that I cannot ever find a pair of kicks to complement the clothing that I find while thrifting. Luckily, last week I hit the jackpot. Someone donated TONS of small sized- vintage heels to Goodwill all in my size!  I did not buy all the pairs, because some of them were just not my style. Nonetheless, the pairs I purchased are all pretty unique, of great quality, and were Made-in- Italy! Some of the shoes are branded with the Lord & Taylor and Bloomingdale’s logos. Each pair averaged out to be $5 a pair. Bam!

In the post I also included two other pairs of shoes I got recently, one from Italy, and one from another separate thrift outing.




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