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A Petite Girl’s Thrift Haul #3

Sorry I have not posted in a while! I am finally done with the senior thesis project for my major in Studio Art and I am so relieved to be finished! I have critiques on my work tomorrow morning; I am not nervous about them because I worked hard and I am extremely proud of the end result.

Anyways, I went to the thrift store last Friday and this morning and got some great items! Brands I picked up include Yves Saint Laurent, Courreges, Stella McCartney, and Ferragamo.  Unfortunately, I did leave some items behind like some cute vintage dance wear and a Diane von Furstenberg vintage top. Regardless, I can live without them!

At the end of the post, I included my steals from H&M that I purchased on Tuesday.


DSC09194     DSC09195

Standard James Perse Olive Green Tie-Dye Tee- $1



Forever 21 Leopard Print Bodysuit- $4



Millau (a brand exclusively sold by LF) embroidered nay blue vest with circle rings- $4





Brandy Melville cream colored lace skirt/shirt- $4




Vintage unbranded bright pink babydoll dress- $10


DSC09219        DSC09221

High end designer Courreges short sleeve ribbed sweater top- $4

DSC09222      DSC09225

Ferragamo lavender butterfly silk blouse- $4

DSC09228           DSC09230

Vintage Yves Saint Laurent ribbed sleeveless top- $4


Vintage patterned 3/4 sleeve top- $4


Vintage baby pink silk top- $4

DSC09239   DSC09241

Stella McCartney silk Hawaiian printed silk dress (with pockets!)- $4


Vintage belt- $2

DSC09248         DSC09246

H&M sequin skirt- $5, and sparkly booties- $10

Thanks for shopping!

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