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A Petite Girl’s Thrift Haul #2

It’s Saturday and I’m staying in tonight to relax and enjoy my last days of Spring Break. Right now, I am watching the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants and I am kind of enjoying it so far. I have an irrational dislike for the actress, Alexis Bledel, so I automatically give the movie a few points off out of 10. Besides that, the movie is keeping my attention!

This Spring Break was definitely not one of my favorites.- I did nothing interesting. I did not go to a beautiful warm beach,out of the state, or even to any cool events. I stayed at school to work on my senior thesis paintings, so I was pretty productive I guess. I honestly just want school to commence so I have some more structure to my life. I want to go back to the daily grind- I want to constantly be busy.

I do have some good news! I got into AU’s MS Marketing Graduate Program for Fall of 2013. I am pretty sure I am going to confirm my spot in the program because the structure of it is phenomenal; it’s hands-on, students have the opportunity to work with local agencies, and the courses are collaborative.

This break, I also went thrift shopping! I scored some amazing pieces during two trips to a local thrift shop including garments by Betsey Johnson, Vince, Free People, Marc Jacobs, David Meister, and Vivienne Tam. Each piece, on average, came out to around 7-8 bucks, which is a little high for me. But since the brands are mostly designer, I am not complaining! There is no way I would spend that much on a lot of Forever 21, or H&M. Here they are:


 Free People XS Gray Hoodie



Marc Jacobs Size 2 silk jacquard bat wing dress. This dress will be perfect for a night out or in the workplace paired with a blazer! I  found this dress online and it originally retails for over $1,000. It is missing its original belt but that can easily be replaced with a black sash.


Vince cashmere cardigan, small.


Betsey Johnson long stem rose dress, size 0. This dress originally retailed for over $300. Awesome.


Jack by BB Dakota XS metallic silver dress. I bought this dress to wear at the workplace under a blazer. It is a little big but I’ll make it work.


Hawk blue and black panel polyester dress, XS. This piece will be great for the summer to wear with sandals or under a blazer with heels.


Marc by Marc Jacobs blue ruffle patterned top, size 4. This is a little big on me, but I scored it for 4 bucks! I can easily resell it and make a profit.



Brand-new David Meister cashmere sleeveless ruffle ribbed sweater. This piece still has its tags AND was originally purchased from Neiman’s. Not great for the Spring, but we’ll see how this crazy weather treats us.



Zara polka-dotted low back, boat neck top. Size Small. This piece fits like a glove; I’m excited to wear this with a gold statement necklace and skinny jeans.



Ann Taylor LOFT sequin striped cardigan, small. I am not the biggest fan of this brand or cardigan for that matter, but I figured this piece would be great for a business casual outfit.



And last but not least, I purchased this awesome 80’s record. Boy do I love 80’s pop and new wave.

I did buy a few other items but I chose not to post them because they did not fit me well. Luckily, the thrift shop I purchased the items from allows exchanges. I’m so lucky that I have an excuse to go thrifting again and hunt for other gems!

Thanks for shopping!

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