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A Petite Girl’s Thrift Haul #1

Sorry I have not posted in a while! I have been quite a busy bee applying for art programs, graduate school, and summer jobs. I have four interviews  for internships coming up, so I am pretty excited about that. However, I would have to begin one of them in July because…. I AM GOING TO ROME IN JUNE! That’s right…Rome! I will be attending a 4 week summer art program in which I was nominated for by a dear friend and professor of mine.  At the program, I will be exploring Rome, Italy and painting and drawing the landscape and architecture. 

Anyways, this weekend I went to one of my favorite thrift shops, Montgomery County Thrift in Bethesda, MD.  I copped some great deals, popped some tags, and spent pennies. I also attended a store closing  ( R.I.P) of a local shoe boutique, Zelaya. Everything is 90% off, so get your butt over there and support the last days of a small business. I scored a  pair of beautiful Joie sandals for $23.00 compared at $230. They have  great selection of size 5 shoes, but there are significantly more shoes sizes 6-8.  Brands like Kate Spade, Joie, Betsey Johnson, Bebe, Diba, Chinese Laundry, and other small designers are included in the sale.

On Saturday, I found some great deals as well. When I was in Georgetown for an art opening, I stumbled upon a charity sale conducted by a local non-profit. Local DC fashionistas donated their designer duds to this sale and I definitely found my share of finds. This included a beautiful practically new Chanel bag for $450 compared at $2000+. My purchase came with a FREE Opening Ceremony Sweater that retails at over $200. I do not think I am going to keep the Chanel bag, because I need money at the moment. Regardless, I am stoked about my find.

Here are pictures and prices of my weekend finds:

DSC09067       DSC09070

Free People Olive/Brown  Dress/Jacket: $5.00

DSC09066          DSC09065

Only Hearts Low Backed Champagne Floral Dress: $4.00

DSC09072    DSC09074

Juicy Couture Silk Spaghetti Strap: $2.00

DSC09075        DSC09076

 Moth brand Anthropologie Yellow and Blue Ribbon Knit Sweater: $6.00

DSC09081    DSC09086

Black Vintage Shirt  fits me like a dress): $4.00


Diba Silver Sandals, Size 5 : $5.00


Red and Gold Vintage Clip- On Earrings: $5.00


Pink Beaded Vintage Clip-On Earrings: $4.00


Brand New Joie Sandals, Size 5: $23.00 ( Compared at $230)
DSC09104         DSC09106

Opening Ceremony Purple and Red High-Low Sweater: Free!


Chanel Pink Caviar Bowler Bag: $450 ( compared at $2000+)

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