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When I first started going to Georgetown, one of my favorite shops to go to was Smash!. As a young high school aged street punk, I felt like I had no where to go and no places to shop. Smash! came to the rescue and came in just in time when I was diving head on into the DC punk scene and I needed the garb and CDs to prove that I was legit. I remember the first time I went to the small shop, it was with my Mom during Spring Break. I got some of my first punk rock pins including Blondie, The Dwarves, and The Clash. Sadly I lost most of those pins, but luckily  my Blondie one  has not escaped quite yet. Ever since that first visit, I would occasionally frequent the place to purchase pins,  some of my favorite patches (some that I still have to this day), and CDs in mostly small bills and coins.

     One of my fondest memories of this joint was when I was hanging out with my cool older punk friends who went to another high school on a hot summer day. We decided to go to Georgetown for some shopping, and I told my Mom that I was spending time with some kids from my own school who were my age ( lies!). One thing that  I remember most about this day was how horribly dressed I was considering the weather was above 90. I sported some super tight skinny pants that I tapered myself; I swear I could barely keep them on my behind because they were so tight. Attached to these horrible jeans were rainbow suspenders (questionable choice of an accessory), and a black tee from Wetseal with 80s graphics printed on the front. I also wore a ton of make-up that I basically sweated of my face because of the heat; my hot pink Hot Topic eye shadow was smeared down my face  and I looked like some sort of anachronistic 80’s clown. Anyways, we all met up in Georgetown, did some shopping down Wisconsin Ave. and then ventured to Smash. We only went for a second, but when we went in there I felt the coolest I ever have in my whole life. We ran into some other punk kids that we knew, and I really felt like that Smash! had become a safe haven or meeting spot for the punk kids. It was like Smash! was the only place where we could hang out and feel at home (besides Hot Topic haha). I didn’t buy anything that day nor did we stay there for more than 15 mintues, but the mere fact that when I went to this small shop, I saw an met many kids like me was memorable and comforting. I did not have many friends from my high school, and I was an outcast so seeing so many punks in this shop helped me stay who I am and continue to be who I wanted to be. This store was the physical store that encompassed my beliefs, and my friendships. 

Smash! moved from Georgetown to a bigger location in Adams Morgan and remains to be a meeting spot for local punks and alternative kids. Smash! is a lifestyle and will always be a spot where you can buy your punk garb, browse the CDs, or simply hang out. To this day, I always run into people who I am friends and it is comforting to see that these people are the same ones I ran into years ago. Smash! has added to their inventory by expanding their selection of vintage and handmade funky clothing and accessories, DVDS, and books. This small punk vintage and record store is a one stop shop. Their prices are pretty on point and they try to keep them as low as possible ( punx are not the richest kids in the world). Their selection of CDS and records is varied carrying genres from Soul to Heavy Metal.

All in all, I am ecstatic that Smash! has continued to stay in business after all these years and several location changes. Support this small business, purchase from this shop, or attend a small show there! Yes, they even host small shows with bands, or spoken word performances in their space.

Check out their website Here.


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