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Collars and Cougars

Happy New Year to all!

Today marked not only the second day of my Driver’s Ed. course  as well as the last day that I will see my boyfriend until he goes off to California to record music for his band for a week. Although we have gone for months without seeing one another, a week still saddens to see him go away. In lieu of his adventure, I decided to wear an outfit that featured the Betsey Johnson leggings he got me for Hannukah. I picked them out myself when we went shopping — I have had my eye on these bad boy’s at Loehmann’s for about a month. So anyways, here is the outfit that I wore today.


Also, Loehmann’s is having a steller sale at the moment where their clearance items are up to 90% off! I picked up some great finds there this week including the black French Connection raglan sweater tunic than I am wearing with my outfit today!  It was purchased brand new for $5 bucks, originally $138.00.


DSC08863                      DSC08850                     DSC08856


Sweater: French Connection, Originally $138, purchased for $5 at Loehmann’s in Friendship Heights

Collared Polka Dotted Shirt: $0, from clothing swap

 Gold Foil Animal Print Leggings: Betsey Johnson, $0,  Hannukah Present but purchased from Loehmann’s

 Black Red Glitter Socks: Betsey Johnson, $1, Loehmann’s

Pink and Orange Oxfords: Cherokee, $20.00, Target

Necklace: Vintage, $12.00, Thrifted

Bracelet: Betsey Johnson, $10.00,  Loehmann’s

Sunnies: Betsey Johnson, $0,  from clothing swap




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