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Second Try


Dress: Betsey Johnson $30.00

Vest: IC Collection, $12.00

Tights: American Apparel, $12.00

  I don’t have that many girlfriends that I can show my thrift store finds or discounted bargains  to and it kills me!  I show my boyfriend or my Mom everything that I have picked up but it really does satisfy my need to brag about the great items that I find for literally pennies.

So here I am, and I have made a “fashion” blog that I can call my own. I do not want this to be exclusively a fashion blog because I am a practicing artist in DC as well. If you are interested in my fashion finds, and my art, I would love for you to read my blog and be my friend! I need more friends and I want to show you ( and for you to show me) everything that I love and create.

Also, all of the artwork in the background is by me! Pictures of the pieces will be posted individually when I get them professionally photographed.



I am on here:  TwitterFacebook, & Instagram


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